IPL+RF salon beauty equipment

IPL+RF salon beauty equipment

Model No.︰IPL+RF Q1500

Brand Name︰IPL+RF beauty equipment Q1500

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

IPL+RF spot removal, hair removal beauty equipment
IPL+RF beauty equipment Q1500

Advantage:One treatment heads and three wavelength

1.One treatment heads and three wavelength,make treatment more targeted.
2.Israel Imported sapphire crystal makes treatment more effective and safer.
3.Multi-function: hair removal, rejuvenation, freckle, cured red blood ,eliminate.
4.High power and good cooling system.
5.Anti-magnetic ABS case to protect other interruption form environment,making the treatment comfortable.
6.Adjustable cooling temperature,more comfortable and natural.
7.Three Cooling system:water-cooling,air-cooling,Israel semiconductor refrigeration.
8. The machine have the RF system , let your skin suffer from hurting cause the hotting when increas the power.

The range of treatment:

Everlasting hair removal:remove unwanted hairs under arms,on legs ,lips or other body part,etc.
Pigmentation treatment:remove various kinds of pigment such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots, sunburn,etc.
Telangiectasis treatment:treat angiotelec-tasis.
Acne treatment:papule,tuber,Blain,acne,etc.
Shrink pores,tighten skin,improve skin elasticity and glossiness.
Eliminate and smooth wrinkles,acne treatment.

Technical Parameters:

Wavelength:cured red blood:480-1200nm    
HR:640-1200nm   SR:530-1200nm(Can buy 430—1200nm, 595-1200nm,695-1200nm)
Power supply:AC220Vup or down10%,5A,50Hz (Or 110V,50/60Hz)
Package Size : 51cm*58cm*115cm
Pulse duration:0.1-9.9MS
Pulse number:1-99
Incremental:0.1-9.9 MS
Delay time:1-255MS
Repeat frequency:1S,2S,3S
Input power :800W  
Spot size:10*40mm    
Energy density:1-50J/CM2
Net weight:34KG

Price Terms︰ EXW Guangzhou

Payment Terms︰ T/T or WesternUnion

Packing︰ Aluminum box

Lead Time︰ 7days

Standards Certificate︰ CE

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